About Us

  • John Hannah, CFP®, CPA


    John is a licensed Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) and a CPA (although he no longer practices public accounting). John spent a decade in public accounting during the 1990’s, working with individuals and business owners. While specializing in personal taxation, he found that many of his clients sought financial planning advice from a trusted source. John became licensed as a Certified Financial Planner® in 1998 and started his own financial planning firm shortly thereafter. His strong background in personal taxation is an excellent complement to his knowledge of investments, insurance, and estate planning.

  • Robert P. Barthels, CFP®, CPA


    Robert earned his undergraduate degree from Long Island University and his MBA from Saint John's University. He is both a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA); however, he no longer practices accounting. During the 1970s he worked for a well-known international public accounting firm and for a major investment firm. During the 1980s he traveled worldwide reviewing the finances of major international companies, reporting the results directly to the presidents and boards of directors of these companies. In 1991 he dedicated his professional talents exclusively to providing independent investment, insurance and estate planning services to individuals, families, professionals and business owners.

  • Nancy Sidor

    Manager of Client Services

    Nancy has been with Summit since 2012 and is the Manager of Client Services. She is a graduate of Baruch College. She previously worked as an executive manager in Kmart as well as various publishing and exporting companies. Nancy is a New York State certified notary.

  • Maureen A. Byrne

    Client Services Specialist

    Maureen earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Phoenix. Prior to joining Summit in September, 2001, Maureen had worked for AT&T, and subsidiary companies, in various accounting and supervisory capacities. Maureen is a New York State certified notary. 

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