Summit Financial Services, Inc. is an independent comprehensive financial planning firm staffed by caring professionals dedicated to providing objective financial advice.† We enjoy long-term mutually beneficial relationships with each of our clients and assist these clients in designing, implementing, and monitoring investment, insurance and estate planning programs that have been tailored to their individual financial and emotional needs.

We offer attentive service and creative solutions suited to your unique situation and place emphasis on client education and empowerment. †Our clients tell us they appreciate our ability to explain the complexities of the financial world in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand.† Our mission is to help you overcome uncertainty, take control of your finances and move confidently towards your goals.

Managing your finances today, let alone planning for what tomorrow may bring, doesnít happen automatically or easily.† Squeezed by the demands of daily life, you may know the importance of planning for a secure financial future, but have placed it on the back burner.† The good news is that financial planning doesnít have to be an overwhelming burden.† It is a tool thatís available to everyone, rather than a luxury for a select few.


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